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You have now entered the dimension of propaganda. In here you will be exposed to the lies that are pervading through the common people...and you will learn what defenses are put up to support these lies...I hope you do not fall victim to these lies...for they can be very deceiving. In the event that you do fall into the deception...I urge you to re-enter the voids...and re-enter The Peoples Revolution so that once again you can feel the truth swirling around you. If the truth has been ebbedded in your mind you will see the flaws in the defenses that are used to support these lies.

Do not close your eyes to this propaganda...for you must be able absorb it and at the same time be able recognize how and why it is false...if you cannot see how and/or why it is false then you are not ready for this dimension must allow yourself to bond with the truth before you can be ready to confront and conquer thy enemy...

I bid you luck as you may embark on a mind twisting journey into falsehood. I hope that the Voids of Free Thought and The Peoples Revolution has readied you for such a moment...but remember if you ever feel confused we will be their for you because we are one in brotherhood and/or sisterhood...

Just in case you need some guiding...

In the defense of capitalism

The moral Basis of Capitalism

capitalism...moral and practical

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