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tHESIS 1.4


BY: M. STRIFE many it is the final solution...the final conflict...or the final chapter. One must think, mathmatically two negatives make a positive, but does that mean two wrongs make a right, when it pertains to morality. now it is true that morality varies from person to person, but for the most part, there is a basis for this morality...and we must be clear on that...especially when it comes in the context of a crime...and a punishment.

It is nearly never justified to take a life...nearly never...but there are circumstantial events where the lesser of two evils can only be decided and that may be taking a life...i.e self defense. but as it pertains to punishing someone...can it be truly justified?

killing is is never may be the lesser of two evils, but that does not designate it as "right". the prime example of this is capital punishment. now the immediate arguement is that, he or she has taken a life, so therefore his or her life should be taken for retribution. does that mean that the only way to punish is to retaliate in the same manner? if someone steals your car steal theirs...if they steal your wallet...steal theirs...why cannot that concept be applicable to these occasions? the reason would be this: because we shouldn't have capital punishment in the first place.

now granted emotions may run high if our loved one is slained by the hands of another, thus it would cause us to want to seek retribution in the highest way possible. but that doesn't mean that that is just means that our emotions are controlling us. if we are to succeed as a harmonous society we must learn how to control our raging emotions...and seek the best possible solution. to kill in order to create a learning experience is could we feel that the only way to allow a murderer to understand the severity of his or her crime is for him or her to be the victim of the crime itself? once that question is asked it raises many questions in ones mind...does slaying a life to regain another practical? the life is lost...does that mean another needs to be dealt with in the same manner, rather than aided to become one with the essense of good? because how can one learn to attain enlightment through even the darkest of crimes...if he or she is destroyed in the physical world?

there is no set solution on how to handle those who have taken the lives of others. but that does not mean that we should automatically decide to rid them from this earthly a society that has a foundation of morals...we should find a way to place that persons life back on the track of goodness...and attempt to arise him or her from the shadows of hatred...and together rise into the radiant light of goodness...because isn't god...allah...yahweh...the only one who can truly have the "right" to take a life?

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