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Thesis 1.5

the void of togetherness

By: M. Strife

One might ask themselves...why Strife? Why must we work together? I don't care about the guy next to me, all that matters is that I am all right, and that my family is all right. Would you like to know the reason? If you want the best for yourself, and those you love, how much better could their lives be if that all around them coheres with and flourishes? How much better would your family be if their neighbor is willing to be a friend, and willing to coexist with you? This is what togetherness thrives on...the best for equal the best for us.

We are symbiotes of eachother. We all make up a society...a society which can only truly expand and grow through togetherness and unity. Our lives are fulfilled through others...and others lives are fulfilled through us. If we could just abolish our greed...which is spawned through the evil fruits of a society which promotes it, i.e capitalisitc society, then we would truly understand the meaning of togetherness.

It sounds far-fetched...but yet aren't dreams far fetched? This could be a reality...and hopefully one day it will be. Unite we stand...divided we fall as an old saying goes. We cannot fully experience the fullness of a lifetime... unless we allow others to experience the same thing. Our lives revolve around eachothers...and if we were to rise together rather than just individually we would all experience a utopia. Growing and being nurtured individually is the first step to this process. This "togetherness" is something that will not happen over night, but rather through a long period of time if we strive for it.

Many people always feel that the only solutions are those that work instantly...but usually those that work quick die quick. The same applies to capitalism...yes it has been around for a long time. But you must compare it to other forms of government...feudalism and such...which have been around for also a long time before becoming in that sense capitalism, when contrasted with its peers, has not been around for a long time. But if taken just in literal years one could argue that it has been around for a while. Though...since capitalism capitalizes on greed and individual will collapse just as feudalism did...because all it is is one step up from feudalism.

Can you really stand and watch the person next to you starve as you eat your meal? Could you walk by your neighbor who is freezing in the stillness of the cold...and not give him the extra coat in your hands? We as people have a foundation of good...we are not evil by nature...and we are not evil in totality. We sometimes choose evil, but at the same token...we choose good. The only difference is that we are good. And to be united means to be shrouded in "goodness" and can you really say that you would not like that? For to be shrouded in this harmony is to allow all those we love and then also share in this.

If we were to work for a true united states...we would last eternally...bathing in the glory of the glory of one nation whose goal is to grow together...we would truly experience togetherness...and then we will be ready to continue on as a nation. And the greed which once divided us, will no longer be able to plant its roots to again seperate us.


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