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Prince Vejita

Commander of The Shadows of the Guilded Blade


Height: 5'8

Weight: 217

Base HP: 2000


He was once the Prince of a warrior race, but now the Saiyajin are nearly just a memory in his realm. His fighting prowess is believed by him to be perfected, his smirk upholds his pride and is the key to his infinite confidence in himself. The extermination of entire races have been brought on by him. He knows only the ways of a fight, feeling that he is never destined for love, and rarely ever wants to share apart of such sentimental emotions. His only 'cares' lie with his guild and himself. To once again lead an army of epic proportion.

4d96 | 565, 070 exp | 565, 070 exp pool


Royal Saiyajin Custom Armor

This is specially plated with an extra layor of endo steel and ferro fiberous steel. The weight of this armor alone is 56, 437 lbs. It provides maximun protection to the chest, shoulders, and back.

< +5000HP >

Thick Royal Cape

This cape comes with the royal armor, but the one that is adorned on Vejita's custom armor is intertwined with extra fibers and materials to provide maximum protection. It is a dark blue color outside, and a blood red color inside. It can act as a shield, used to cover up and take in bullets and small waves of energy. The unique fiber and they way it is woven allows it to be as strong as metal itself, but due its flexibility, rather than negating a blast entirely, it moves with it slowly scattering the energy particles as it digs into the cape.The cape is bolted on to the shoulder guards of the armor. The weight of the cape alone is 3, 212 lbs.

< +500HP >

Custom Saiyajin Gauntlets

This is made of endo steel and bonded with a special elastic metal for maximum comfort. Due to the superior metal that it is made of, it inflicts extra damage with each crushing fist thrown by Vejita. The weight of the gauntlets are 210 lbs. each.

< +150HP/+5 to Attack >

Custom Saiyajin Greaves

These are special custom boots which are also bonded with endo steel and a special elastic metal for comfort. The bottom of the boots are plated with ferro fiberous steel to inflict more damage with every kick. The weight of the boots are 302 lbs. each.

<+150HP/+5 to Attack>

Magnetic Energy Barrier

This barrier is generated by the amulet that is around his neck, along with three replicas, one on each gauntlet, and one in the middle of his armor. This generates a barrier around Vejita, which absorbs maximum damage before fading away. It cannot be seen unless something makes contact with it.


<Total HP with Armature Bonuses: 9600>

-All of these enhancers are classified as one, since they are considered a single attire-

-Registration Number: 0008317-