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Thesis 2.0

the void of motivation

by: M. Strife

Motivation is the drive for the bettering of the individual, and to the society. In a capitalistic society, it is projected that the only true motivation is that of "making the most money". People fail to realize that there are other alternatives to motivation. It does not always have to be, to make the most money, to get the best car, or to have the biggest house.

Motivation is usually derived from what the society projects as the one true motivation. As I previously stated, the motivation emphazised in a capitalist society is, to prosper the most financially. But in a socialist society, it is to prosper the most as a community. This does not need to regard financial standards. If we could just set our forward vision to look upon our goals as a strive for universal equality, and a classless society, we could practically attain utopia. Our goals could lay in the single thought of becoming a flourishing nation, united. But why does this dream not happen? Why is this not realized? Why is the only projection of success only seen as becoming the financial leader?

This is because that is all capitalism is about. All it is about is defending your personal glory by intertwining yourself into this materialistic society. "Buying is rebelling", hardly. Buying is buying, and nothing else. To allow yourself to "fall into the gap" of materialism, would just blind you from a true goal that has much more satisfying results. Ask yourself this question: what is more satisfying, to swim in your pool of money, and meander in the world of materialism, buying and buying, and only thinking of yourself, or to take the hands of your neighbors and rise together, not through materialism, but just through equality? To look upon all those around you and see everyone eating, and everyone getting an education, and to know that that is because of you and everyone around you. That we all help ourselves and eachother. How does that goal sound?

It could open your mind, most of us never see this goal manifested. We usually just hear: get an education and make the most money. Never: get an education and allow equality to seep through. We were all made equal, and we are all equal. But materialism tries to demote this, even though we will always be equal in an abstract sense, why can't we all eat? Why can't we all experience the warmth of a blanket? Why, why, and why?

The dream of equality lies in the fact that we all eat, and that we all have the neccessities of life. Food shelter, and education. Financial standings can be kept to a minimum, if not abolished totally. This is a gradual process, so as long as a currency is still existing, there will be slightly different wages, but the true goal is to one day do without a currency. Far fetched, a bit, but nonetheless, a goal worth striving for. Unless of course, you would want to dwindle in a materialistic world and only induldge yourself. Though, I think most of us would seek the betterment of society, because in the end, that will lead us to a true proserity.

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