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thesis 1.2


by: M. strife

Greed...selfishness...kindness...hatred...and love...we associate such words with human characteristics...and the essence of a human. but are these traits learned...or god given? many people have the perspective that a human is born with a mixture of negative and positive traits bound to their spiritual being. but the fact of the matter is that all these "characterisitics" and/or "emotions" are understood through society and some are only bestowed to a person through acquiring it from society.

we can only understand hatred...if there is love...sadness...if there is happiness. everything is completed and formulated through its exact opposite. but what if there was no understanding of this? and what if the world was staged at an equilibrium whereas there was only "to be" "to feel" but not "to understand" some may feel that this is a stigma on human rights, that all humans were given the right to understand. but is it really?

there are two approaches to this suggests starting a society from scratch and allowing the thought of "ignorance is bliss" to pervade...the other is to take a society, which always has its corruptions...and weed out the coruptions by almost diminishing the negative aspects of life...but yet keep them barely alive just for understanding purposes.

the thought of "ignorance is bliss" is more derived from a utopian point of view. the fact that we should live to live...feel to feel..and understanding is not a neccessity for it could bring the roots of evil..all his fine with this theory...but yet it is possible that it is our god given nature to understand and to infringe on that is to infringe on what was "suppose to be"...but this is much more abstract that concrete...which makes it much harder to side with...for if society was like this...there would be no opposing side...because all would agree...and would be in perfect sync and harmony.

the other approach is to weaken the vises as much as possible...all things are done for a reason...killing is done to take a life...and for the most part...the life was taken because it stood as an obstacle in front of a goal...the same goes for stealing...and such. what if there was no reason to commit such atrocities? women are raped for sexual satisfication, and possessions are stolen through jealousy and/or greed. but what if we all worked equally as hard because we all saw that the true goal is to flourish as a society...many people think that this is far-fetched and human nature causes negative things to happen especially if there is an understanding...but it really isn't..maybe only in the Usa...the reason is because the human spirit is basically good...and when such evils are done...and they hurt you just as much as the earn no gain...all you earn is suffering..and that is the understanding portrayed here. it is difficult to have people view things in sync...but once it is manifested to minded or is believed that the human conscience and essence will...more than ever...push them to do good...because it benefits themselves..individually...and by bettering the society also...again betters themselves.


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