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thesis 1.0


by: M. strife

This country has portrayed an image of benevolence, an image to help those in need. one would think: "well isn't this true, we have hospitals which aid those in needs", but the contrary is what shines in the dark crevice called the truth. sure we have hospitals...but once an ailed man comes in...with an empty wallet...he is left to die in the parking lot. He is assumed as a "scum" of society, a nothing, a nobody. but what if it was your brother, your mother, your father? the funny thing is, he or she is one of these things...he is your brother..she is your sister..your neighbor...and part of your community. we cannot be expected to grow if we do not grow as a society and not always thrive through rise only for self glorification.

Many people associate greed with a natural characteristic. What people fail to realize is that greed can only be acquired through a society which spawns this vise. So you state that to take away greed is to take away a false. one would have to ask it a deprivation of a right...or an act of selfishness which is also a vise spawned through society?

WE must learn to help one another if we are to ever truly flourish as a community..a society..and in some sense...a family. we are all brothers and sisters..theoretically and in a social-literal sense. we may not be flesh of flesh and blood of blood..but we are mind and mind..along with spirit and spirit. we can grow on our own..but we can flourish together. some may think that it is far-fetched to ever become one as a society..but why? is the human spirit really that ill and unable to coexist with that of others? humans are naturally in the essence of good...but sometimes we choose evil. if the people ever saw the manifestation of this is almost a certainty that "we" would not choose evil..but rather bath in the light of goodness. for why would someone choose evil if all they have to gain is damage to themselves? we must allow ourselves to stay under the ray of goodness...then and only then...could we see the revelation of true benevolence.



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