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Thesis 1.3


By: M.Strife

Opression...imperialism...and even capitalism..are synonimous. to go and desecrate a race...then try to justify such an atrocitie is an atrocitie in itself. deprieve a society of human rights through destructive conquer a nation of people and impose a tradition and customs onto the victims...and capitalism..the "right" to own property..and is justified through the idea of social darwinism...that the weak with be weeded out and only the strong survive.

it can almost be said that it is never right to opress...who would have the ability to practically desecrate a people...just to enforce your customs upon them? is it really ever right to not allow societies to devolop and rather supposedly help them grow by guiding them directly...and eventually oppressing them? we cannot expect to have our human rights polished while we tarnish those of others? can we live in hippocrisy by capitalizing on the weaknesses of others? we all have weaknesses...but to exploit the weaknesses of atrocious. we exploit the poor...the less fortunate...and those who cannot "live up" to the social standards. if someone cannot live up to the social standards...and it grows..and where a huge amount of people cannot live up to it...doesn't that mean that the standards are only favoring a type of people?

capitalism portrays basic good...everyone has the right to own land...but yet only the rich can truly thrive in this society once you break it down. to justify it through social darwinism means that the weak will not survive...which means that if you do not survive in the market world...then you will be diminished. Now granted you cannot flow in the market world and stay must eventually grow.,.but in our times...and the rate of things moving...people are not given that much time to is as if you need instand success to succeed...or the already "strong" will uproot you from your foundation. How can we grow when we do not allow others to grow? we cannot expect all to move at the same rate...unless we try to balance it by decreasing...not increasing...the rich get richer...the poor get poorer...until we plunge into an oligarchy. because in the end...there can only be one...or few...if we do not grow as a whole...and if we continue this way...



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