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Let the sparks of truth flash and cut into your mind..allow it to seep in the deep crevices of your inner thoughts...of your inner desires...and of your inner emotions. do not be afraid of the truth...let it be your guiding light...the truth is gentle..the truth is is never never could hurt...but it always enlightens. it will always encompass reality...rather than a complex illusion. allow it to become one with you...allow it to guide you through your life...and allow it to open your eyes.

It could seem a bit overwhelming..but give it time to merge with you. It is a beautiful thing to have the aura of truth shine around you...though it may be intertwined with responsibility. some of us may not want to take the responsibility..but then it is a small price for the truth. the responsibility may vary from each person...but the end will justify the means.

You have at least had a mere aqcuiantance with this beautiful dimension...also known as a the people's allow yourself to be taken in to the numerous voids..and allow the thoughts of your fellow brother to pervade in your mind,,.then search yourself and see if they coexist with your conscience...and then...decide if you accept them...or not...the choice is yours..and yours alone.

I hope that these views enlighten you to the absolute exstent...and i hope that one day you will join the people's revolution...

your comrade

m. strife

The following are thesis' I wrote expressing all my thoughts..enjoy....

the void of true benevolence

the void of human spirit

The Void of Opression

I apologize for inconvience...i hope to have the voids fully devoloped soon



I am affiliated with the peoples revolution..and i hope the voids will inspire you to join the revolution...

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