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Here is a question. Do you exist? Wait...not so fast - really think about this one - do you exist??

Most people would trot out the famous "cognito ergo sum" - 'I think therefore I am'. This, however, is far from satisfactory. Let's start this essay with some definitions - and maybe you'll see what the previous statement means.

Subjective: Of the mind. Anything which must go through the mind in order to be deduced, knowing that the mind could be in error. Thus, God is subjective. The world is subjective. A mirage is subjective - though it isn't really there. Many many things are subjective - in fact everything we sense is subjective.
Now, let us contrast this with...

Objective: What really is there. What the universe is
really like, without the possible errors of the mind.

Can we know the objective? Knowitallists would say 'yes' - that we can learn every last thing. They rely for this on two constructs which they claim to know are objective - math and logic. Before we crush the objective basis of math and logic, let us first focus on some simpler examples. For example, if you flip a coin 64 times, and each time it comes out heads - could you assume that that coin
always came out heads? No, of course not - because you know that the coin has two sides, so in the end it might (though not for sure) come out tails. The same is true with any experiment. If you carry out an experiment with a truck and you send out innocent volunteers to stand on the freeway - and every time you carry out the experiment they get run over by an 18-wheeler - can you objectively state that every time you carry out this experiment they will get mashed?

No. You don't know how many possible outcomes there are. You have seen only one - but that doesn't mean there aren't others. Indeed, you could have been extremely lucky, and seen a very rare outcome time and time again by sheer chance. So you cannot objectively state that it is always like this - only that it is sometimes like this, or, that in your subjective opinion (i.e. faith) it is always like this.
OK - now for a major point which most theists aren't going to like:
faith does not equal fact. Faith is subjective - it is a personal decision made with our minds - if our minds are at fault, and hence our evidence, then the statement is not objective. Only if something is objective is it objective (that may seem pretty obvious, but some people just don't get it).

Since everything must pass through our senses (our minds) for us to form ideas about them - I can confidently say that humans can never know objective fact
consciously. That means that I can form a theory that the flower I hold in my hands is pink - my evidence is that the reflection of light off the flower that comes to my eyes makes the flower appear pink - therefore I theorise that it is. Maybe the flower isn't pink - in that case I would be wrong, that is why I don't make an objective statement. But -
if I'm right, then it makes no difference - because I won't know I'm right, and hence won't be able to make statements that claim to be objective. Are you following? It is intellectually dishonest to claim objectivity when you do not know it is objectivity. That is the crux of the nihilist argument.

So...math and logic. First logic. Logic bases itself on axioms - no axiom = no logic. I challenge anyone to give me some logic that requires no axioms - impossible. Since axioms are essentially leaps of faith (the cat is sitting in front of me, all cats are black therefore the cat is black - [cat sitting in front of me=faith], [ALL cats are black=faith]), and faith is subjective - we can confidently say that all logic has the possibility of being flawed right from it's first axiom. So, logic is not objective. Logic, as a system, is a tool of the mind - and since objectivity is
what is really there - tools of the mind are not of themselves objective. Logic could be a flawed tool - and we would never know it.

Math relies on logic - and I could simply dispense with it that way. I will content myself in saying, though, that math does not represent anything specific in the real world. It is absolutely abstract. It bases itself on axioms that are subjective - and therefore, no matter how you look at it - it is subjective.

'I think therefore I am' is useless. First of all you need
to define 'am'. Next you would need to understand the concept that you might very well not exist - but that it might be beyond your comprehension how that were possible. You may say that it would be illogical not to exist and yet to still think...but I believe we already dealt with logic. You cannot know you exist. you cannot know the person next to you exists, and you certainly can't know the universe exists. In fact, you can't know for sure that anything exists.




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