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Che Guevara
Malcolm X
Huey Newton
Fidel Castro
Karl Marx
Mumia Abu Jamal
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Hello my fellow comrades! I am happy to report the ressurection of the Voids of Free Thought. I have taken a long time to carefully construct my thoughts and my ideals, and allow my soul to pour into this website once again. It has been nearly a year since this realm has been updated, and I apologize to all for my idleness...and procrastination. But I am here open your eyes to the allow yourselves to meander in this ambience of knowledge. I invite you to take advantage of the information and lies in these voids...and I thank you for visiting The Realm. Comrade M. Strife
PS: I apologize for the links being temporarily unoperational, but within 2 weeks the site will be at 100% completion.

Note: To return to this homepage from any page just click the gif at the top of the page. Also, the "headline screen" provides commentary and reactions to each page that you go to.

Operational Links in the Columns
Huey Newton
Fidel Castro
The American Dream
Mumia Abu-Jamal
*The rest will be up soon I promise, I apologize for the inconvience.




Free Market
The American Dream



The Ressurection

Why//It is time that I return to this passion that I love.

When//The Ressurection will take a couple of days before it stabilizes

Where//Here...on the endless abyss known as the internet

Who//I am the one who is reviving this realm.

What//The Realm that once brought you "The Voids of Free Thought"

How//As I did before...strict diligence.

New//Hip:Hop Section: I feel that music has deep messages that need to be probed in order to elevate us mentally, and I feel hip hop [true hip hop] carries that message.

New//The Forum: This is an arenain which you all may post your thoughts.

New//The Coliseum: A live chatroom for everyone to duke it out, there will be designated times in which to attend.

New//Guestbook: I have created a new guestbook for the revival, I thank all who signed the first guest book and I hope you grace the pages of the new guestbook.


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